The Museum of San Marco celebrates Fra Angelico: with guided visits to the frescoes and the reopening of the Library. All this comes with a Dominican choir



Friar Giovanni da Fiesole, known to everyone as Fra or Blessed Angelico, died in Rome on February 18, 1455 and is buried there, near the Pantheon, in the Dominican basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Although the appellation “blessed,” combined with the nickname “angelic,” indicates for centuries a pre-existing widespread popular veneration, the official “beatification” occurred only in 1982, when Pope John Paul II granted Friar Giovanni the ability to be honoured “with the title of Blessed to be marked on the day of his birth to heaven (18 February).” In 1984, the same pope solemnly proclaimed him to be the “Universal Patron Saint of artists.”

This year, on the occasion of the Feast of Blessed Angelico 2015, the Museum of San Marco promotes some special events, focused on the days of 18, 19 and 20 February.


Guided tours to the frescoes. The usual guided tours, led by the Assistants of the museum, on 18, 19 and 20 February will focus on a theme entirely dedicated to Blessed Angelico: “The frescoes of Fra Angelico at San Marco.” The visits, which are free and included in the entrance fee to the museum (4 euro), will have the following schedule: the first, in Italian, at 11am; the second, at 12.30pm, will be in a foreign language (English or French). The meeting point (maximum 25 people) will be in the Cloister of St. Anthony, inside the museum. For more information please contact: Museo di San Marco, tel. 0039 055 2388608; E-mail:


Library with a Dominican choir. After more than a year of work to the floor and fixtures, the monumental architectural masterpiece which is the Library of Michelozzo will reopen to the public. The inauguration will take place on the afternoon of February 20 and will see the extraordinary participation of the choir Schola Cantorum, directed by Dominican Father Michael Dunleavy. The programme is as follows: at 4pm a conference Father Dunleavy on Dominican liturgy; 4:30pm follows a brief musical interlude (hymn Veni creator); 4:45pm a presentation by Magnolia Squires, Director of the Museum, on the Missal of St. Dominic, ms. 558, which was illuminated by Fra Angelico for the Fiesole convent; at 15:15pm Sounds in the Silence, with a concert by Schola Cantorum, featuring songs from the Dominican liturgy. At the conclusion of the concert attendees will be able to visit the museum to view frescoes by Fra Angelico: the Chapter Hall with large Crucifixion and the dormitory of the first floor, with the Annunciation and the friars’ cells. In the Library guests will also be able to browse a reproduction of Missal 558 of Saint Domenic.

Participation is free although booking is necessary (maximum 100 people). For information and reservations please contact: Museo di San Marco tel. 0039 055 2388608; E-mail:

transl. by Marcus Francis

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